Call 1800 600 636 between 9am - midnight, 7 days

What we can do for you
  • We can provide free telephone crisis counselling and support from 9am to midnight, 7 days a week
  • We can provide information about support services available
  • We can provide information about Court processes and refer you to Men’s Behavioural Change Programs
  • We can inform you about the impact of domestic and family violence on the family unit
  • We can make active plans around healthy strategies to employ as alternatives to choosing to use violence
  • We can arrange for free interpreter services if English is not your first language
  • We can assist with developing a safety plan for you
What we cannot do for you
  • We cannot provide you with legal advice
  • We cannot support you financially with costs associated with relocating your property
  • We cannot provide you with ongoing face to face therapeutic counselling
  • We cannot assist with the removal and storage of property

David called back after his initial conversation with DVConnect Mensline and stated he signed up for ongoing behavioural change a ssistance . David said DVConnect Mensline had been significant in his journey towards rehabilitation. He advised his personal circumstances had been improving remarkably with the professional support he was receiving and he expressed gratitude to Police and DVConnect Mensline Counsellors.

Your donation will help us...

  • Provide more emergency transport and accommodation to those escaping violence.
  • Provide more safety planning, crisis counselling & information to those escaping violence.
  • Educate Queenslanders on how to help family/friends/colleagues experiencing violence.