Fact: The majority of people who commit sexual assaults know their victims and in some cases are relations, friends or work colleagues. Sexual assault can be committed within any type of relationship, including marriage, dating relationships, or by friends, acquaintances, a person you have just met, co-workers or family members.


Fact: This is a common misconception especially amongst young adults. Sexual assault can happen anywhere and anytime. Most sexual assaults often occur in private spaces such as homes of the victims or perpetrators.


Fact: Women and children of all ages, cultures and backgrounds are sexually assaulted. Women may dress in a way to attract or to feel good about themselves but that is different to asking to be sexually assaulted. This is like saying that someone wants to be robbed because they have money in their wallet.


Fact: Most rapists plan carefully in advance, and set up situations so the rape can take place. A rapist is capable of raping again and again.


Fact: This is a commonly held belief in the community. But, research suggests only a minority of disclosures of sexual assault are false. Women are more likely to deny or minimise sexual assault experiences than make them up.


Fact: The majority of sexual offenders are not mentally ill. Mental illness does not cause people to sexually offend. Many sex offenders are functioning people in the community, they have jobs, are married, have children. The media often seem to focus on sex offenders who fit the stereotype; they are selective in who they choose to report on. This only helps to maintain the silence on sexual assault. This makes it difficult for people to believe that someone who doesn’t fit that profile could commit sexual offences.


Fact: Any unwanted sexual contact against any person by any other person is a sexual assault.


Call the Sexual Assault Helpline

Call 1800 010 120

Available 7:30am –  11:30pm, 7 days.

Talking to someone about what I went through as a kid wasn't easy. It took me decades to open up to someone and that person ended up being a stranger at DVConnect. Talking to someone and get referred to MARS Australia (Men Affected by Rape and Sexual Abuse) has helped a lot.

- Sexual Assault Helpline Caller

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