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DVConnect Mensline is a free, confidential telephone crisis counselling, referral and support service especially for men. In 2017-18 Mensline provided support to 14,860 Queensland men. The Mensline service is available from 9am to midnight, 7 days a week and supported by specialist male and some female counsellors. The counsellors can also provide Court Assistance either in person or via the phone, and practical support through the lens of family safety and accountability. Mensline aims to highlight the impact of abuse on partners and families, and challenge people who use violence to change their behaviour.

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Tom contacted DVConnect and was grateful Police had arranged an agency to initiate contact with him and offer help. Tom appreciated the seriousness of the situation and the critical need for change to benefit himself and all family members.

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DVConnect is a not for profit service. We receive Government funding for the majority of our core services and the communities generosity for grants, gifts, private donations and corporate sponsorships to assist us expand our valuable work towards ending domestic and family violence and sexual assault.