Healing Journeys of Victim/Survivors of Sexual Assault

In this blog we wanted to raise awareness about the impacts experienced by those who have been sexual assaulted. This form of abuse is still a very silent and hidden form of violence that even now this carries a lot of sigma and shame for victim/survivors. But the reality is that in 2022 there were 7,431 victims of assault in Queensland, with 65% of the victims knowing the offender (ABS, 2022). It is important to note that sexual assault can happen to anyone, and your mates and loved ones need to know they can count on their community for support and to be heard.   


Sexual assault is a violent act where the victims/survivors trust, consent, and control of their body is taking away by the person using violence. Sexual assault is never the victim/survivor’s fault and is always unacceptable.

At different times throughout the healing process victim/survivors may feel:

  • Startled or on high alert
  • Numb
  • Angry
  • Upset
  • Unclean
  • Alone
  • Unsafe
  • Like they can’t trust people anymore

Victim/survivors may experience:

  • Restlessness or have difficulty sleeping
  • Headaches, nausea, dizziness or memory loss
  • Fidgeting or struggle to concentrate
  • A blank or racing mind
  • Flashbacks

It is important to highlight that each individual healing journey will look different and there is no right or wrong way to feel or begin this process.


How can you help?
What can really help victim/survivors of sexual abuse is knowing that they can reach out for help from a friend or loved one who will listen, support, and most importantly believe them. This step is vital to ensure that victim/survivors are not suffering in silence. If someone does disclose to you be there for them and support them through their own healing journey.

Concerningly there is still a toxic male culture that exists, telling male victim/survivors that they cannot be raped and minimising their sexual assault as an experience the victim/survivor should not perceived as a bad or traumatic. There needs to be a culture shift in how men to support their mates if they disclose, being sexual assaulted. 

Additionally, we need to see more community support to change attitudes in regard to sexual assault and sexism. This will greatly assist in the prevention of abuse as well better support for victim/survivors. This starts with treating everyone with respect, promoting gender equality, and calling out sexist comments.


How can DVConnect help?
The Sexual Assault Helpline is available to any person who lives in Queensland who has been impacted by or knows someone who has been affected by sexual assault. Our experienced specialist councilors will listen, believe you, and provide individually tailored support and advice. We know that reaching out is any extremely brave thing to do and you can choose to be anonymous.

Sexual Assault Helpline
1800 010 120
7.30am – 11.30pm, 7 days a week


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Thank you DVConnect for saving my Mums life, and mine. You guys getting us out of there changed everything. Thank you so much. Life is good now! 

Our survivor has chosen to remain anonymous.

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