Call 000 if you are in danger 


24 hours, 7 days

1800 811 811


9am – midnight, 7 days

1800 600 636

Sexual Assault Line

7.30am – 11.30pm, 7 days

1800 010 120


24 hours, 7 days

1800 737 732

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      Shaan Ross-Smith, DVConnect Board Member

      We need your support.

      With your donation we can:

      • Provide more emergency transport and accommodation to those escaping violence.
      • Provide more temporary accommodation for pets whose families have escaped domestic violence, until they set up a permanent home.
      • Provide more specialist counselling to those who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
      • Educate the community about how we can help them, or someone they love, escape a domestically abusive relationship.