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1800 811 811, call 24/7. Womensline is a free crisis helpline for Queenslanders identifying as female and experiencing domestic and family violence. We help you find safety away from violence, by providing emergency transport ie taxi, bus, train, plane and safe accommodation, as well as crisis counselling, interventions, information and pathways to referrals.  We help regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, income or religion.



1800 600 636, call between 9am – midnight, 7 days.  Mensline is Queensland’s free, domestic and family violence helpline for anyone identifying as male, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, income or religion. Offering counselling, information and referral pathways for men experiencing domestic and family violence, or men using domestic and family violence in their relationship.


Sexual Assault Helpline

1800 010 120, call between 7.30am – 11.30pm, 7 days. The Sexual Assault Helpline is a free helpline offering emotional support and referral pathways for any Queenslander who have been sexually assaulted or abused. It is also for anyone who is unclear about what they have experienced and for those concerned about someone they know. We help regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender identification, income or religion.


A time for giving hope

You might think nothing of saving an important number to your phone or searching for it online. But for a woman experiencing domestic violence, it could be dangerous if the person using violence against her is monitoring her devices as a method of control.

We’re asking you to help put a path to safety at the fingertips of women in Queensland who need it.
Please find out more and give what you can.


Thank you DVConnect for saving my Mums life, and mine. You guys getting us out of there changed everything. Thank you so much. Life is good now! 

Our survivor has chosen to remain anonymous.

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How your donation will help

  • Provides operational support to fund our bridging accommodation residence Bella's Sanctuary.
  • Provides emergency transport and accommodation for Queenslanders in crisis due to domestic and family violence.
  • Provides safety planning, crisis counselling and information to those impacted by domestic and family violence.
  • Educates Queenslanders on how to help family, friends and colleagues who have experienced, or are experiencing domestic and family violence.