Partners and funders

We are very fortunate to have the support of some amazing partners. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do. Our government partners are:


Our corporate partners are:


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QSuper have been partners of DVConnect since 2016. QSuper have generously provided funding for one full time crisis counsellor every year since 2016. Their volunteer team also give up their time every year to help organise and execute the Candle Lighting Vigil held on Remembrance Day. They also hold Domestic Violence morning teas to raise additional funds for those affected by domestic and family violence. 


Halcyon           Mirvac

Halcyon and Mirvac have been partners of DVConnect since 2018 when a collaboration was formed to build a 5 unit, $1.5 million dollar bridging-accommodation facility. Lifestyle community developers Halcyon and listed property group Mirvac, along with over 90 of their suppliers donated their time, labour and materials to build the facility. The facility comprises 2 one-bedroom units, 2 two-bedroom units and 1 three-bedroom unit. Each unit has its own kitchenette, living area and courtyard. The facility also has a communal kitchen and living room, a play area, garage, a dedicated office space for DVConnect support services, as well as an alarm, state-of-the-art security camera survellience and keypad entry on all doors and gates. Learn more


RSPCA Queensland

The RSPCA Queensland has been a partner of DVConnect since 2005. The RSPCA Queensland care for almost 250 animals as part of the Pets In Crisis Program. These animals are in desperate need of accommodation because their family have escaped domestic and family violence situations. While their family go to emergency accommodation or a refuge, often animals are not permitted there. The RSPCA Queensland provides much needed veterinary care, as well as accommodation for up to 30 days. The equates to almost 7500 care days plus veterinary care.


Maurice Blackburn

Maurice Blackburn Women’s Network announced their partnership with DVConnect on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2019 to coincide with their 100 year of fighting fair. Maurice Blackburn Women’s Network are committed to together with DVConnect to end domestic, family and sexual violence. The law firm have always been committed to social justice and were instrumental in contributing to some of Australia’s most influential legal decisions, including equal pay for women. They are providing DVConnect with a variety of professional services pro bono. In addition, the Maurice Blackburn’s Equity Team have donated $10,000 cash. Maurice Blackburn employees also volunteer at DVConnect events and hold fundraising activities.  Learn more


Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail have been partners of DVConnect since 2010. Queensland Rail have generously provided Queenslanders escaping domestic violence through DVConnect with complimentary long-haul train travel. There are many occasions where it is not safe for a person to stay in the town or city they resided in when they were experiencing domestic violence.


Community Partners


Queensland Country Womens Association

Queensland Country Women’s Association have been partners with DVConnect since 2011.  Country Women’s Association have been generously providing DVConnect with care packs for those escaping domestic and family violence.

Thank you for your help, for everything you have done for me over the last few days. Your services are more than impressive and impeccable for anyone who may be in danger or in need of help of any kind. I may not be here today without your protection and the services you provided me. It is amazing to know there are people out there that give their absolute best to keep others safe, because they can and they care. Before making the call to you I felt too ashamed and far too proud to ask anyone for help. But now I feel strong knowing that I had the courage to put my hand up and ask for help. It saved my life! 

Sarah, Gold Coast

Your donation will help us...

  • Provide more emergency transport and accommodation to those escaping violence.
  • Provide more safety planning, crisis counselling & information to those escaping violence.
  • Educate Queenslanders on how to help family/friends/colleagues experiencing violence.