Mensline Court Support

Mensline Court workers interview and engage with men who have been involved in domestic and family violence situation before they appear in court. Mensline works within five give domestic and family violence (DFV) courts in Beenleigh, Ipswich, Brisbane, Holland Park and Richlands. Mensline assists men (identified as either respondents or aggrieved) who are appearing at court where an application has been made for a DFV Protection Order either by the Queensland Police Service or as a private application by an aggrieved or a victim, regardless of gender.

Without collusion with men workers will challenge alleged abusive behaviour robustly but non-judgementally, and assess whether men comprehend the affects of violence and abuse on their partners, their families, on themselves.

Mensline unequivocally supports Behaviour Change Programs with approved providers and approved intervention programs. For those men who are taking responsibility for their use of violence and abuse and are demonstrating a commitment  to making unconditional agreements to change their abusive behaviour there is hope and the Mensline worker will work towards a court intervention for the man to be able to attend what men later sometimes call a life-changing program.

Mensline acknowledges and actively promotes the notion that when provided with clear and practical strategies to expand behavioural choice, men have the capacity for positive change and are often grateful for the chance to change behaviours.


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I wish to sincerely thank you and the entire DVConnect team for their past and present assistance during these past few years of family turmoil. Without such a wonderful service it would be that much harder for women and children.

Jenny, Northgate Brisbane

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  • Provide more emergency transport and accommodation to those escaping violence.
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