LGBTIQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day

With high levels of domestic violence being experienced within LGBTI relationships and seriously low levels of reporting, Australia’s first LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day is aiming to turn the tables. As part of National Domestic Violence Prevention Month, the inaugural ‘LGBTIQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day will launch on Thursday 28 May 2020 with the #ImHereForYou campaign.

Our objective is to:
• Raise awareness of domestic violence within LGBTIQ+ communities
• Remember LGBTIQ+ victims of domestic violence who have lost their lives
• Recognise LGBTIQ+ survivors
• Support those LGBTIQ+ people currently in an abusive relationship.

To get involved we ask that you record a short video or take a photo and write a few words using the hashtag #ImHereForYou, conveying messages of hope to LGBTIQ+ victims and survivors of DV and post it to your social media. Don’t forget to follow and tag us in your post at @LGBTI.DV.Awareness.Day

Here are some examples:
#ImHereForYou to help stamp out LGBTI domestic violence. Because everyone deserves a life free from violence and abuse.
#ImHereForYou and I will be an active LGBTI ally in the workplace.
#ImHereForYou if you need support or someone to talk to.

On May 28, share with your friends, family, workplace and members of our LGBTI communities that you’re here for them and help us raise awareness, remember the victims who’ve lost their lives, and support those in abusive relationships and those who have survived.

For more information or to download our resources, visit http://LGBTIDVAwarenessDay.com

Thank you DVConnect for saving my Mums life, and mine. You guys getting us out of there changed everything. Thank you so much. Life is good now! 

Our survivor has chosen to remain anonymous.

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How your donation will help

  • Provides operational support to fund our bridging accommodation residence Bella's Sanctuary.
  • Provides emergency transport and accommodation for Queenslanders in crisis due to domestic and family violence.
  • Provides safety planning, crisis counselling and information to those impacted by domestic and family violence.
  • Educates Queenslanders on how to help family, friends and colleagues who have experienced, or are experiencing domestic and family violence.