By supporting the work of DVConnect, you give every person who asks us for help, a path to safety. There are many ways you can support our work no matter who you are. Find a way from the list below:

  • If someone tells you they have experienced violence or abuse, please believe and support them.
  • Look out for signs of non-physical abuse and know where you can refer a family member or friend for support.
  • Download the Be there app to recognise abuse, shape your approach and support the person you care about in a way that is safe for everyone.
  • Call DVConnect for advice to support someone you care about who may be experiencing domestic, family or sexual violence.
  • Don’t give people who use violence a free pass. Speak out if you hear excuses for violence or victim blaming.
  • Challenge stereotypes and call out sexist attitudes like ‘jokes’ that are derogatory towards females.
  • If you are a leader in your workplace, contact us about how you can play a role in ending domestic and family violence.
  • Workplace giving programs are a great way to donate from your pre-tax income, reducing your taxable income whilst helping QLDers. Learn more.
  • If you are a staff member, ask your workplace what training and domestic and family violence polices exist, and how well they are working.
  • You can help people within the LGBTQ+ community to be safe from violence by amplifying the LGBTQ DV Awareness Foundation’s messages, and participating in LGBTQ DV Awareness Day on May 28 every year.
  • Share our social media posts to help spread the word that violence and abuse is never acceptable.

Significant Dates & Events to get involved in

  • 8 March every year: International Women’s Day
  • May every year: The month of May is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month
  • 1 May every year: National Day to remember those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic and family violence.
  • First Wednesday of May every year: Candle Lighting Vigil to remember those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence.
  • October every year: The month of October is Sexual Violence Awareness month.

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Thank you DVConnect for saving my Mums life, and mine. You guys getting us out of there changed everything. Thank you so much. Life is good now! 

Our survivor has chosen to remain anonymous.

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How your donation will help

  • Provides operational support to fund our bridging accommodation residence Bella's Sanctuary.
  • Provides emergency transport and accommodation for Queenslanders in crisis due to domestic and family violence.
  • Provides safety planning, crisis counselling and information to those impacted by domestic and family violence.
  • Educates Queenslanders on how to help family, friends and colleagues who have experienced, or are experiencing domestic and family violence.