P!nk -Dancing & Rising for Justice…

"We are all equally deserving of respect and personal space"


Internationally acclaimed and award winning singer, songwriter and actor P!nk, along with her dancers and crew, have come together to rise with OBR!

"…When I read about [One Billion Rising for Justice], how people get together of their own free will and dance, use their bodies, to express their rage- outrage- around the injustice that women feel all over the world, every day- I was inspired…We are all equally deserving of respect and personal space. I will fight for that right for all of us. And we come together to do so on our stage, with our brothers and menfolk- where we express our freedom every night. And that freedom inspires others to be free. We hope this video helps. And we hope for that one day when all women and girls are able to have respect, and personal space, and to be able to express themselves in whatever way THEY feel is right for them…"

Read the full statement here:-  http://www.onebillionrising.org/8986/pink-rising-us-equally-deserving-respect-personal-space/

Watch P!nk and crew Break The Chain here:- http://www.onebillionrising.org/8986/pink-rising-us-equally-deserving-respect-personal-space/