New Weekly Update for the Pets in Crisis Program

Each Monday DVConnect and RSPCA will be giving an update on the Pets in Crisis Program


Update from week ending 3rd September 2017

During last week we put 3 dogs and 3 cats into the Pets in Crisis Program, we also had 2 applications for extensions in the program for 3 cats that were accepted by the RSPCA.

Julie from the RSPCA also shared the below story with us from last week.

Pets in Crisis Update—week ending 3rd September 2017

This week saw a particularly moving reunion in the Pets in Crisis Program at our RSPCA Wacol campus.  Soul, a 2 year old Cattle Dog cross, was with us for 33 days and proved himself a firm favourite with vollies and staff.  He had such lovely manners and would lean into you whenever you gave him a pat.  When the big day came and Mum arrived to collect him, there were tears, wagging tails and much excitement.  A more wonderful reunion you could not hope to see.  A more waggily tail, you will not see!  This is what makes this program so worthwhile.  Knowing that we’ve helped keep a client and their much loved fur baby stay together through one of the toughest moments of their life.  Best of luck to Soul and his mum.  May they go on from here and share many happy days together.